Mari Smith and Guy Kawasaki

Enhanced VIP Upgrade

The VIP Experience — Exclusive Opportunity Limited To Just 7 Attendees

***SOLD OUT!!***

We still have a few seats left for the main 2-day event on September 13-14. See TICKETS for more information.

The quickest route to predictable success in ANY venture is with an experienced mentor's guidance.

And if you're looking for this type of fast-track progress, I'd like to be that mentor for you.

Immediately following the two-day Social Media Intensive, I'm also offering a unique opening for just 7 savvy business owners. It's my ultra-exclusive VIP Mastermind designed to give you an individual, personalized social media strategic plan and specific action steps for the next 12 months in order achieve your business goals.

As a limited upgrade … reserved for only 7 attendees of the main two-day Social Media Intensive event … I'm offering you exclusive access to a closed-door planning session that's the closest you'll get to a private consult with me … without the $10,000 fee, per person per day.

It's all about ACTION!

Some people who attend events may have the self-discipline and foresight to carve out an action day immediately following the event, and map out the precise steps to implement ALL they learned. If that's you, then congratulations!

However, oftentimes people attend events and manage to implement only a portion of what they learned afterwards. So, I wanted to offer something else a bit different to select individuals … something that would allow you the opportunity to assimilate all that you've learned in the previous two days and then design a custom social media success plan of action that you'll take back to your office on Monday morning to implement right away. All this with individual, personalized attention, which you can only get in a small group setting.

With a select group of dedicated business professionals in the room, you'll find the synergy of our combined expertise and questioning minds creates a fantastic forum for addressing EXACTLY where you need to focus to elevate your business today.

We'll also talk frankly and openly about exactly what you SHOULD be doing with your business today, including real issues nobody wants to admit. In your own industry context, so you can overcome the real-world obstacles you're facing with YOUR customers ... YOUR market... and conditions in YOUR part of the world, wherever that may be.

Enjoy dinner on me!

Your Enhanced VIP experience begins at a private dinner with me on the evening of Friday, September 14, after the regular Intensive sessions have concluded.

I'll treat you and a super-exclusive group of 6 other VIP business owners and decision makers to an upscale dinner. We'll get to connect and share at a new, more informal level with this smaller, private group. There will be plenty of time to ask any lingering questions you may have from the 2-day event during dinner from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

You'll get to know your fellow VIP's and myself in a casual setting, as we begin setting the stage for the following day's activities... when the REAL fireworks start!

Fasten your seatbelt for this experience

Then, on Saturday morning we'll hit the ground running for our full-on, closed-door mastermind session on September 15th.

Each VIP Mastermind attendee will have an opportunity to have a Business Hotseat where I'll walk you through a special process designed to pull out the best areas in your business and social media marketing plans to focus on. The Hotseats are all conducted in front of the Mastermind group, as everyone in the room always gains tremendous insights from fellow particpants.

On its own, the morning session alone will shift your strategic business thinking to a whole new level. But we're not done yet.

In fact, I'm including lunch "at the table" during this closed-door mastermind, because I'll bet you won't want the discussion to stop there!

During the afternoon, we'll hone the social media strategic plans we created during the morning session to razor-sharp effectiveness. And completeness.

Believe me, your mind will be filled to overflowing by the end of the day. That's why we'll finish the afternoon session by 4pm, so you still have time to catch your early flight out if you wish … or go on to enjoy the beautiful sites of San Diego.

As part of your VIP Experience, you'll receive a selection of checklists, strategic maps and presentation summaries to take with you — with plenty of room for you to add your notes and ideas as they bubble up during each lively discussion!

Here's the timetable and agenda for the special upgrade VIP experience:

Friday, September 14

Private VIP-only dinner with Mari

6:30pm to 9:00pm

Saturday, September 15

Closed-door VIP-only mastermind session with Mari

8:30am — Room opens for seating, breakfast available
9am-12pm — Individual Business Hotseat Sessions
12pm-1pm — LUNCH — provided in the room... so we can continue our discussions!
1pm-3:30pm — Personalized social media strategic planning
3:30pm-4pm — Summary, Q&A and closing remarks

Whew... what a day this will be! Now, because I'll be working with you at an advanced level during the mastermind, I'm going to do a bit of homework on you ahead of time! All I ask is that you fill out a special questionnaire so I can have a strong sense of exactly who the 7 VIPs in the room are and where we need to focus.

The good news is the questionnaire isn't difficult for anyone who's already in business: I simply need some background info on your business and your social media goals, to prepare for your Business Hotseat session. And to make sure you're prepared to participate fully, too. That way, you'll get everything I have to offer during our closed-door meetings.

Ready to claim your spot for this Enhanced VIP experience?

Then click the button on this page to schedule your payment, and my team will get back to you with your questionnaire prior to the event. Then, get ready for an incredible three day experience of full-speed-ahead business analysis and social media planning that will be like putting rocket fuel into your marketing machine!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

vip ticketVIP UPGRADE

Limited to only 7 attendees

***SOLD OUT!!***

We still have a few seats left for the main 2-day event on September 13-14. See TICKETS for more information.

6:30-9:30pm Friday, September 16
8:30-4pm Saturday, September 15

P.S. My motto for many years has been "Relationships First, Business Second" and by that I mean it's important to focus on people: connecting, relating, engaging … with no real agenda. Just fostering and deepening special relationships with prospects, customers, strategic partners and more. And, out of these authentic relationships, business naturally emerges. Plus, for some time, I've said "It's not who you know, it's who knows you." So, what you're also investing in with this VIP Mastermind Experience is a chance to deepen your relationship with me and with your fellow participants. It's been quite some time since I last hosted a VIP Mastermind, and I can tell you that my past participants and I all stay in close contact and have annual reunions, too! So, come join our inner circle and treat yourself to the VIP Upgrade … I promise it'll be well worth your time.