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Are you looking to increase your leads and sales this year?

Let me show you exactly how to consistently generate quality leads on Facebook and Instagram, step-by-step, using both organic and paid methods.

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Are you frustrated trying so hard every day to squeeze LEADS and SALES out of Facebook and Instagram - using organic (or paid) methods - to no avail?

Well, you're certainly not alone.

With organic reach somewhere around 1-6 percent, is it any wonder small business owners are struggling to generate real, measurable results on these social platforms?

You've likely tried really hard to build your following over the years. Maybe you've run ads just to increase your Likes and Followers. But, then you realized Facebook made you pay again to reach those very people that you just paid to get to follow your Page. 😫

Maybe you've heard we're not supposed to 'sell' on our social channels, certainly our personal profiles, right? (It's not true, btw!) So you're reluctant to be too 'salesy,' and you hold back from asking your audience members for their contact information, or to actually buy anything from you!

You're jumping through hoops (maybe literally?! ha!) creating EVERY imaginable type of content that Instagram and Facebook keeps pushing and pushing (all in an effort to compete with TikTok, YouTube and other dominant apps).

I'll bet you're striving to crank out content every single day. Reels. Stories. Live-streams. Long-form video. Short-form video. TikTok videos. YouTube Shorts. Memes. Questions. Carousel posts. Tricks. Hacks. Hustle. Grind. You name it.


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It's enough to drive a person craaaaaazy, right?! 😵

For so many small business owners around the world, Facebook and Instagram have gotten way too complicated and way too expensive to get the results you really want. 🤯

What you really want is more LEADS and SALES!! Right?

And, you want SIMPLE and EASY!

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Let me show you how to generate leads using Facebook and Instagram in my 3-part masterclass.

Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation Made Simple. I'll show you the best proven methods for attracting a steady stream of your ideal prospects using organic and paid methods.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Mari's proven methods for exactly how to create a steady stream of ideal prospective customers and clients using Facebook and Instagram.
  • Includes both organic and paid (ads) ways of reaching your prospects.
  • Choosing the most effective lead magnets. Which works best for what type of audience: a PDF, video, webinar, challenge, Facebook group or something completely different?!?
  • How to create compelling lead magnets and lead capture pages. 
  • How to inexpensively test and iterate in order to maximize your results and know which campaigns you'll invest your budget in.
  • Using the power combo of a Facebook Business Page + Facebook Group + Facebook Personal Profile (optional) in either Classic Mode or Professional Mode + Instagram.
  • Top 17 ways to build your email list (without spending money!)
  • How to leverage OPL (Other People’s Lists) and OPA (Other People’s Audiences)!
  • Simple tools for setting up your lead system, including lead magnet creation, landing page creation and email management platforms.
  • *MOST IMPORTANTLY!!* What to do after capturing your lead to nurture the budding relationship and naturally walk them to a path of purchasing. 👣💰😊
  • BONUS: Register today and get example email nurture sequences and sample compelling email subject lines. Having the right emails, the right timing, and the right wording can make all the difference in converting your new leads to sales.

Lead Generation Made Simple Class Agenda:


Create Your Compelling Lead Magnets

  • We’ll start by diving into what makes a good lead magnet (a free incentive in order to collect your prospect’s contact information), and what’s effective for your industry, business and audience.
  • We’ll also clarify exactly who you’re speaking to so you’re always meeting the needs of your audience members and joining the conversation they’re already having.
  • You’ll receive an Avatar Worksheet as well to drill deeper into your audience’s needs. 


Promote Your Free Offers to Generate Leads

  • Next, we’ll cover proven organic and paid methods of promotion on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Think outside the box: going beyond the standard ‘squeeze page’ and ‘lead magnet.’
  • How to integrating lively and thriving Facebook Groups.
  • Community building tips.
  • Testing chat bots.
  • How to rise above the noise and capture the attention of your ideal prospects so they feel seen, heard, validated and compelled to sign up!! 


Nurture Your Leads To Purchase Decisions

  • Now that your list is growing, we’ll focus on converting your prospects to buyers.
  • Deploying the right methods to ultimately create conversions.
  • Getting the email frequency and copy just right.
  • Tips for increasing email deliverability and making sure your emails don’t land in the Promotions or Spam tabs.
  • You’ll also receive example email nurture sequences that can help make all the difference to your conversions.
  • All 3 live classes are now complete but you have unlimited access to all recordings.
  • Allow approximately 90 minutes for each class. I teach for the first 45-60 minutes. Then we shift to Q&A, hot seats and group coaching for the remainder of our time together.
  • You'll have lifetime access to all course materials.

What's Included:

  • 3x in-depth training sessions with Mari Smith
  • Q&A with Mari, spot coaching, hot seats and critiques on your current Facebook and Instagram lead magnets, landing pages, calls-to-action, etc. Receive feedback, best practices, and practical recommendations for immediate improvement.
  • Community support. Membership in our private Facebook Group exclusively for the Lead Generation Made Simple class. Peer support + help from Mari’s team members.
  • Lifetime access to course materials.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. You get real, measurable results or you get your money back. Simple as that!

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The 4 Paths To Success With Social Media - instant access to the video recordings of my brand new, deep-dive, 3-hour workshop!

There's a SEA CHANGE Happening in the world of social media! Are you ready? The old marketing models simply do not work anymore. BUT, don't give up or lose heart!! Let me show you exactly what does work to create success with social media today and how you can easily navigate one of four proven paths!

  • Part 1 - What's Not Working Anymore in Social Media and What IS Working.
  • Part 2 - Learn Which of the Four Paths to Success with Social Media is the Right One for You.
  • Part 3 - How To Generate Consistent Traffic, Leads & Sales With Your Social Media


Email Nurture Sequence Examples + Compelling Email Subject Lines.

Having the right emails, the right timing, and the right wording can make all the difference in getting your emails delivered, opened, read and making people take action by converting your new leads to sales!


100 Best Headline Words and Phrases

This fabulous resource will come in really handy when crafting your lead magnet landing page copy as well as your email nurture sequences and your ads, too!


Top 10 Words and Phrases to Avoid In Your Ads

I highly recommend that you try investing in Facebook and Instagram ads for generating at least some of your leads. Yes, organic is still possible and I'll be teaching you both organic and paid methods of reaching your audience. But when it comes to paid placement at Meta, you'll want to make absolutely certain that you're playing by the rules and not using trigger words that risk your ads being rejected.

Ready to join us for this exciting new 3-part masterclass?! You’ll learn exactly what you need to know to consistently generate leads starting right away using organic and paid methods on Facebook and Instagram.

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Let me show you How To Increase Your Leads on Facebook and Instagram Using Proven Organic and Paid Methods.


  • ON-DEMAND 3-part masterclass. You’ll learn exactly what you need to know to consistently generate leads using organic and paid methods on Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Each of the three classes is packed with step-by-step, proven methods showing you exactly how to start generating more leads and sales from your Facebook and Instagram marketing efforts.
  • Our sessions include Q&A, group coaching and hot seats. Receive instant feedback, best practices, and practical recommendations for immediate improvement.
  • Membership in our private Facebook Group for peer support, plus support from Mari’s team members.
  • PLUS, get these 4 BONUS GIFTS!!! Register today and get instant access to these four valuable resources to help your lead generation and business building this year and beyond:
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  • Email Nurture Sequence Examples + Compelling Email Subject Lines
  • 100 Best Headline Words and Phrases
  • Top 10 Words and Phrases to Avoid In Your Ads

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  • A personalized 1-on-1 private coaching session with Mari Smith where you'll get help to create the best strategy for your campaigns, offers, and promotions. 
  • The VIP Platinum Upgrade provides you with your own in-depth, 2-hour private Masterclass with Mari (for just you, or bring your team).
  • You’ll meet privately with Mari via Zoom where you'll receive customized training and coaching to help you grow your business using proven social media methods.
  • Mari will assess your current marketing efforts, help you identify which success path is right for you and your brand, and provide a personalized, structured roadmap that you can follow this year and beyond!
  • This is the most affordable way to have the world’s leading Facebook marketing expert help you to achieve the best results using the Meta Family of Apps and more.
  • The Platinum VIP option will easily save you 2x to 10x the investment!
  • Mari is extremely selective about working 1-on-1 and rarely opens up her calendar for private clients.
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Upgrade to Platinum VIP

24 HOUR FLASH SALE!! Ends in:


Who Should Attend:

Who the Lead Generation Made Simple Masterclass is for:

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, independent professionals, coaches, consultants, etc. ...

...who want to significantly improve their lead generation on Facebook and Instagram, and increase sales conversion - starting right away.

NOTE: Lead Generation Made Simple is geared towards beginner to intermediate level, with some advanced techniques. These classes are not for you if you're already very experienced with lead generation and digital marketing!

Get the maximum value:

In order to get the maximum value from this training program, we strongly recommend that you have these basics in place, if at all possible:  

  • a proven or viable business model with products and/or services to offer (or, if you're just starting up due to a career pivot or other reason, that's totally fine, too!),
  • a website (it doesn’t have to be totally up to date),
  • an email management system (e.g. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc.),
  • an e-commerce system (to accept credit cards online) (e.g. PayPal, Shopify). OR, you might have a Facebook/Instagram Shop or want to set one up,
  • possibly a marketing automation system (not required, but recommended!) (e.g. Keap/Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Ontraport, HubSpot, etc.)
  • a Facebook personal profile,
  • a Facebook Business Page,
  • a Facebook Group (optional, but recommended!),
  • an Instagram Business account,
  • and, if possible, access to some modest resources such as a graphic designer (unless you're good at doing your own!), and a Virtual Assistant. 

100% Money Back, Risk-Free GUARANTEE

The FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM LEAD GENERATION MADE SIMPLE with Mari Smith will empower you to start generating more - and better quality - leads and sales on Facebook and Instagram. I want you to be absolutely thrilled with the content you’ll learn in this 3-part masterclass. But, you be the judge…    

Sign up today and go through the program totally RISK-FREE. If, after completing all three classes - and applying the teachings from each lesson - you don’t feel fully satisfied, or you didn’t get value and see real results, simply contact my team and we’ll happily refund 100% of your money in FULL. No questions asked. You have my promise.  

Sound fair? Come on board – let’s do this!

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What people are saying about Mari's coaching and training:

Multi-million dollar business: “If there’s anyone on the planet who can help you build a business using Facebook, it’s Mari Smith. Her early Facebook coaching was instrumental in helping Social Media Examiner become a multimillion dollar business. She studies the hidden gems of Facebook like no one else. She’s also the first person I call if I need Facebook advice (and let me tell you we speak often!).” - Michael Stelzner - Founder and CEO, Social Media Examiner

  • "My engagement is up up 400%! If you use Facebook for your business, invest in Mari's programs. You will not have buyers remorse and you will learn tons. Mari is an awesome teacher and person." - Alice Iverson
  • "I've seen a MASSIVE spike in my Facebook page likes. Astonishing increase. I can't believe how much info, value and amazing advice Mari gives. I wouldn't waste my time or money on anyone else's training. She really is the Queen of Facebook!" - Megan Hudson, Niche Intelligence
  • "This has helped me working on my Client Pages. We have seen an uptick in traffic and engagement and has made a difference for my clients. Definitely sign up! This is a fantastic course that can help your growth." - Jo Ann Toporski, The Joy of Computing
  • "Learn from the master! Thorough coverage of how to be effective using Facebook organic to stay top of mind, increase the "know, like and trust", and to generate leads." - Ken Tucker, Changescape Web
  • "We increased our organic reach and implemented strategic ads which together increased revenue generated from Facebook. Save your spot in class and learn top techniques that will take your social media strategies to another level. Not only will you gain new skills but you will become part of a community of fellow marketers that will be there and support you too!" - Liz Gaze, Heartfelt Creations

First $50k Month: "Mari’s support, questioning, and generosity of sharing her wisdom created immense shifts for me. One single diamond nugget from a call with her was responsible for my business just having had its first $50k month, in the lockdown recession, without running a launch or hustling. I’m on track to outperform that next month and beyond, too. Wow. And thank you!" - Clare Josa - Heart-Based Leadership Development Expert; Author: Ditching Imposter Syndrome & Dare to Dream Bigger

Best Investment: “Working with Mari Smith has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business this year. With Mari's help, I’ve been able to position myself as one of the top hair stylists and hair care experts in my area. And this is even through the COVID crisis, which has been a real challenge as a local small business owner. Mari is trustworthy in what she does and doesn’t ever over-promise anything. (Many people in the social media industry say, 'Oh take this course and you will get thousands of dollars in return.' Mari is super honest and teaches us the right, methodical way to get there.)” - Dania Morejon - Owner & Stylist, Westport Hair & Co.

  • “My engagement has increased! I'm getting more conversations going on posts and using video more. Follow Mari's advice and you will see your social media marketing go from strength to strength!” - Alister Booth, Osteopath and Director at The Norfolk Clinic - Complementary Health Hub
  • "Mari's course gave me inspiration and energy to become active! She taught me how to make it simple and easy and how to have fun. My engagement rate is much higher now and I got more than 100 new subscribers. Mari is one of the few coaches who is really engaged in helping you; she even answered all of my questions herself. - Nadine Tagg, Your German Professional
  • "My Facebook reach has increased by 100%! I got so much out of Mari's course, I rewatched and gained even more the second time." - Annemarie Matthewman,
  • "...this has just been phenomenal!! ... everyone's mind is blown with all the ways to work our business through social media." -Janet W.
  • "...the most insightful training. Has recharged my vision." -Selena D.
  • "...absolute powerhouse when it comes to training in all things Facebook, especially Facebook Live." -Julia B.
  • "I’m in the video/TV business and don’t think I’ve seen a better video image than yours during your Verizon presentation." -James P.
  • "You should be on Network TV ... you are so wonderful to watch." -Bea D.
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  • "Mari Smith is the Queen is Facebook. What she doesn't know about Facebook isn't really worth knowing. She is highly skilled in teaching complex topics in a clear way. When you sign up for her courses, you'll be learning from the best in the field." - Karen Bright, Bright Words Creative

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“...the preeminent Facebook expert. Even Facebook asks for her help.” - FORBES

“...one of seven women shaping digital marketing.”

“Mari is a veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz, and the Pied Piper of the Online World.” - Fast Company 

Got questions? Let us know!  

  • Email: mari@marismith.com
  • Facebook chat: use the popup on the bottom right, or tap/click m.me/marismith