How To Explode Your Video Marketing in 2013!

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Video is the fastest-growing digital content category

Are you regularly producing high-value, quality video content, distributing it effectively online and on mobile, and creating measurable results including increased ROI? If not, come join my guest experts and me for my flagship webinar of 2013… all about how to create successful video marketing!

2013: this is the year of the video … and you can create video content anywhere!

If you'd like to learn all the ins and outs of video creation, video production, video marketing and ultimately making MONEY with your videos, I'd like to invite you to a completely FREE webinar.

You've probably seen the types of folks who crank out videos galore with their smartphone, load to Facebook and YouTube and then pray they'll hit the jackpot and become the next viral sensation. (Hey, maybe they will!) But in all seriousness, to really utilize video content to grow your business and impact your bottom line profits, you must have a SOLID, step-by-step plan. (And, good news is that plan can include producing quality content via your smartphone!)

During our time together on this FREE 75-minute webinar, I'll be sharing specific steps, tactics and strategies that you'll be able to implement yourself … at home, in the office, out in the field … or in your own garage!

Video equipment, video production, your online TV show and more!

  • You'll learn about a whole range of equipment from cameras to lighting, from simple and effective to more complex, and from super inexpensive to higher end
  • We'll explore a variety of options for video style, including your very own web-TV talk show.
  • And, we'll discuss how to map out a proper social media marketing plan to set yourself up for the best viral distribution

Learn from an Emmy Award-winning Director!

You'll also be able to meet my special guests, video experts Catherine Hedden and David Gumpel of Films About Me who will be with me in the studio and I'll be picking their brains to get the best video production and marketing advice for you. Catherine is a Social Media Marketing expert and Brand Specialist, and her husband David is an Emmy Award-winning Director.

As with all my free webinars, this one will be jam-packed with immediately useable tips, resources and action steps you can take right away.