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Top Ten Signs You’re Addicted To Facebook

By Mari Smith | November 9, 2007

Facebook can be very addictive! There are so many fun “rabbit holes” to go down and new friends to acquaint yourself with. But beware, before long, Facebook could soon become “crackbook” in your day-to-day life. LOL. I’ve put together my top ten signs you could be addicted to Facebook. Of course, I’m not talking from…

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How To Stop The Incessant Facebook App Invitations

By Mari Smith | November 5, 2007

As I’m compiling Modules and screen capture vids for my upcoming class at Facebook Fortunes, I’m seeing more and more business Facebook users getting frustrated at all the frivolous app stuff. No offense to all the genius app creators – it’s just they are not for everyone. So, for all fellow busy business peeps, here…

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Facebook for Marketers – It’s A Perfect Platform!

By Mari Smith | November 1, 2007

If Web Strategist, Jeremiah Owyang, says it – we gotta listen. “We” being anyone remotely interested in internet marketing. 🙂 Or, as it’s termed “Interactive Marketing.” Jennifer Jones, of Marketing Voices, asks Jeremiah, “Where do you think Facebook will be in a year?” Jeremiah responds, “Facebook is going to continue to grow. We’re going to…

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Can You Use Facebook To Strategically Grow Your Business?

By Mari Smith | October 27, 2007

Seems to be an interesting debate going on… yes, Facebook is the hottest, fastest, bestest site on the internet (LOL), but are there any proven strategies and, more importantly, best practices, in place yet? I’m now registered for the Web Community Forum conference in Seattle, December 5th and 6th. Jeremiah Owyang is the keynote. Sounds…

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