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Facebook Pages – What’s the Buzz About?

Facebook Pages – What’s the Buzz About?

The jury’s still out for me – how about you?

So far, I think Facebook Pages could well be a nifty feature for established businesses, bands, celebrities and the likes, as they can easily “migrate” their fan base over.

But, for the “small guy”, hm, I’m not so sure. Could FB Pages be used to actually build up a fan base?

I created a Page for my Facebook Fortunes online class. But then it just gets confusing – where should we put our attention? We have websites, blogs, microblogs, and Facebook Profiles, Groups and now Pages. Yikes – that’s overload!!

I’m also finding it tricky to navigate the whole Page system. I installed the Top Pages app recently which seems to help.

And, I added several pages to my collection. But, I have to confess, I’m not really paying much attention at all to the Updates. Oh, you did know that’s how they’re communicating with you? ūüôā Click on the down arrow next to Inbox – see the new feature they slipped in without you noticing?

To me, it’s just more data, data, data – my brain is swimming in TMI already. Hopefully, we’ll start to see some useful information filtering through real soon!

I like Jeremiah Owyang – check out his Page here. Jeremiah always has good stuff to say and share. I’m looking forward to hearing him keynote at the Web Community Forum Facebook Conference in Seattle on December 4th and 5th. I’ll be posting updates here for you to follow.

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