• I love this Mari, and I love that you kept a record of previous years. It’s always good to review where you’ve been at the end of a year, and to set out your stall for the next.
    You’re a bright light, I love your vibrancy, your practicality and your honesty, and I see you achieving all you’re desires!
    My word for 2013 is EXPANSION. I’ll be doing this by publishing my second book, setting up on-demand video classes and travelling more, increasing my presence on Google+, Pinterest, and working on my Blog. And I’m seeing my second book taking the world by storm!! EXPANSION (and abundance soon to follow!)
    Love and light for a wonderful year,

  • Awesome Mari. I was thinking the other day what your word would be for 2013 or if you had stopped that one word theme. I love this word! Wishing you a tremendous year with extraodinary abundance! Please extended the same to Anne :) >3

  • Love that you have kept track of the previous years. Makes me curious to look and see if I had an annual theme. Next year for me is very similar to yours, but have not yet attached one word, other than container. But like growth that could be scary.

  • Mari, I love your explanation on abundance and how you choose to manifest it in your life, and the systems required to allow that in your life. How easy it is to allow time to dictate to us, rather than for us to master it.

    This year my theme is FOCUS Follow One Course Until Successful. A few months ago we sat down and created an exhaustive, extremely detailed cash flow from the past year. It was in that document where we could see very clearly where the majority of our cash flow came from. I remember a quote from the teleseminar with Anne McKevitt where she said that often the money is in the ‘boring!’. I am extremely guilty of the ‘Bright Shiny Object’ syndrome, where I have a tendency to jump from one project to another as I get ‘bored’ thinking just because I have done it or ‘said it’ once, that it’s done.

    So 2013 will be my FOCUS year to position myself as a Global Expert in my niche and explore all avenues developing and presenting many more seminars and speaking engagements both on and offline, creating more products and being focused on building the list within that niche to provide more support and information for those who are raising a child on the Autism spectrum.

  • Love your word for the year Abundance and how you have explained it and the prosperity card your have shared one of my faves. My word for the the year is the same as Sally’s FOCUS and I know this will lead my to play a bigger game, position myself, share my expertise, get my book My Year of Living Positively- Lucky to be alive written ( I started today ) and leave the BSOS behind. I am excited and energised.

  • I believe in limitless abundance. I’ve never been comfortable with competition so when I gained an awareness of unlimited abundance – I felt much better. My word for 2013 is ‘Balance’. I have always been a bit of an independent rogue, but need to balance that out with following the suggestions of influencers and mentors. I have been in front of my computer for four years for what seems like non-stop but this year I would like to time manage just a little more. I say “just a little more” because the Navajo in me still “enjoys time” while the European in me would like to “manage time”, so I need to find a balance between the two.

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  • Doreen Pendgracs

    What a cool idea, Mari! I love the idea of assigning a one-word theme to the upcoming year.

    My word for 2013 will have to be CHOCOLATE as I’m writing a book about the world’s best chocolate. It will take a few more months to finish and publish the book, and then there’s promoting it, doing chocolate talks and tours, and more chocolate research foe the next edition. I think chocolate may just have to be the theme for the rest of my life!

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  • Zette Harbour

    My word for this year is Fulfillment. Fulfillment of my vision, my purpose, my being. I’m pretty excited about walking the path and watching it unfold. :)

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  • Hi Mari – I actually selected a quote to guide me in 2014. There are many things that I want to finish this year and this quote from Yoda will guide me:

    “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”

    Here’s to a great 2014 and thanks for all you do!

  • mohamed osman

    Hi Great Mari , we are almost same Abundance for you = Real Availables to me , Year 2013 , I mean !3 for me is digitally ahigh out put pluse ( H- level = 1 of 1/0 ) if we imagine that as the logic gate with luckly & unlucly events ( as in puts ) in my life road map. Howevr for 2014 , i appreciate the words Optimze , Achievement &to be act under umberella of God bless & hospitality.

  • Elizabeth K Haines

    You got me inspired! FOCUS is my theme word for 2014!

  • foan

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