How To Create Compelling Video Marketing Content That Grows Your Business!

2013 is the year of the video! Finally, here's your step-by-step guide to creating top quality videos that actually help you make more money... no matter what industry you're in!


Video is the fastest-growing digital content category — are you ready to cash in?

You already know that video content is increasing dramatically. Everywhere you look, video content is front and center – in blog posts, on news sites, on social networks, in mobile apps and more. Everyone with a smartphone has the ability to record video content and easily upload to YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest...

Camera equipment is becoming more and more affordable. And, there are countless experts, sources, courses and websites offering all manner of advice on video creation… but how do you know who to trust?

Maybe you already have a ton of video footage, but it’s just sitting on your computer’s hard drive and you don’t know what to do with it next?

Perhaps you dream of having your own TV show and you know it’s possible to do this online with a web TV show and build your own sizeable audience... but you’ve no clue where to start.

Well, we have good news for you!



A brand new online course taught by social media thought leader, Mari Smith, with special guest experts Catherine Hedden and David Gumpel of Films About Me.

Learn from the experts on this two-part online webinar. You’ll get the exact steps you need to be able to design, record and produce top quality videos. Then how and where to upload and disseminate the videos for maximum impact and reach. And, most importantly, how to actually turn your video marketing efforts into MONEY! Some video experts teach you all about the right equipment, the lighting, perhaps the fancy visual and sound effects. But where you probably get stuck is how do you ensure your video content is properly integrated into your marketing plan?

You'll get access to two information-packed webinars! Here's what you'll learn:

Part 1 — Pre-Production


  • Get total clarity on why you’re doing video and the purpose for each video clip you create.
  • How to map out a series of videos.
  • How to tie your videos into your overall marketing plans.
  • How to create and implement a proven social media marketing plan to optimize your videos.
  • When is it "worth it" to hire production help?
  • How to build a comprehensive script that your viewers will actually watch AND will get them to take action.


  • How will you monetize your videos?
  • Proven strategies you can implement to ensure each video you put out there ultimately connects to your bottom line profits.


  • The best (and most affordable camera equipment) you should invest in for your in home studio and for on-the-go..
  • The difference between studio equipment and gear you can easily take on the road.
  • Best ways to frame your shots and get creative with the filming process.

Part 2 — Production


  • Should you use a teleprompter?
  • Options for teleprompter equipment and software.
  • How to read from a teleprompter without actually looking like you’re reading.
  • How to get comfortable in front of camera.


We'll go over the 12 biggest mistakes people make during shoot day and the best solutions for each one:

  • Not allowing enough time for set up
  • Not using a backlight
  • Not far enough way from back drop
  • Camera eye-line is too low
  • Not using a microphone
  • Disabling auto-focus and auto exposure
  • Power - forgetting to plug-in equipment or not enough batteries
  • Not testing audio
  • Not enough memory on memory card
  • Running out of energy - eat and drink
  • Becoming impatient with re-takes
  • Not grounding and centering
  • Not talking to just one person


  • Replace this section with: 
  • Uploading, Sharing and SEO
  • What is the difference between uploading and rendering? And why is this important?
  • Once you have the content, where are the best places to upload?
  • What is the best strategy for sharing your video?
  • Optimizing for mobile.
  • How to ensure you get the best search engine optimization.
  • How to NOT get deleted from YouTube. 
  • What you need to know to keep it legal with use of images and music and how to use releases.

Bonus Gift

Sign up today for the VIDEO SUCCESS SECRETS course and you’ll get access to this awesome training video:

12 Essential Elements To Producing A Webinar That Creates Connections and Conversion – value $47

In this in-depth video, David Gumpel and Catherine Hedden walk you through how to produce your own successful live webinars that make you money! Along with the video, you also get a detailed checklist to help you fully optimize your webinars.

$99 full payment optionTwo payments of $50 option


This is the equivalent of a half-day training program with an Emmy-Award® winning director!

Mari is teaming up with David Gumpel, an Emmy Award® winning Director, and his wife/partner Catherine Hedden to create and deliver this powerful online training program. Isn’t it awesome that you can learn from such top-quality experts …without having to get on a plane or drive anywhere? Right from the comfort of your home office, you’ll get access to three of the brightest minds in the online marketing world. The combination of video production, video marketing and social media marketing will be like adding rocket fuel to your business!

Video example — studio lighting tips

Take a look at this video with simple and easy instructions on the best lighting to use when shooting your videos! 

This is just a small example of what to expect in the VIDEO SUCCESS SECRETS course. The entire course is jam-packed with everything you need to start producing your own quality video footage. Plus, not only producing great videos but then how to use them properly to market your business!

What’s the format of the training?

You’ll get the special access link to the webinars once you register for the VIDEO SUCCESS SECRETS course.

On each session, there will a full hour of content, which we’ll then follow by a 30-minute Q&A segment.

Plus, as a special bonus, everyone who registers for VIDEO SUCCESS SECRETS will have the added benefit of joining a private discussion group where you can network, share resources, get peer support …and ask the experts additional questions!

Along with the online webinars, we'll also give you access to the video files so you can download and watch on your computer at any time – this is ideal if you have a slower internet access bandwidth.

Plus, you’ll get the audio track as separate MP3 files to download in case you wish to listen in on your iPod.

PLUS, each session will be transcribed and you’ll have the content in written format as PDF files. Ideal to print out and annotate if you’re more of a written word learner!

What is the price of the VIDEO SUCCESS SECRETS online course?

Mari’s rates for a private half-day start at $7,500. For a small group live intensive, the cost would be $3,000. David and Catherine charge as much as $9,500 for their masterful video production. Combined, we could easily charge $900 for this powerful online training course.

However, we decided that we wanted to make this course available to as many people as possible around the world. 2013 truly is the year of the video and we want to help you fully optimize your video production and video marketing.

Your price today is just $99!

(or two payments of $50)

Pay by credit card or PayPal. PayPal only accepted for "Pay In Full" orders.

In summary, here’s what you get:

  • Two 90-minute online training sessions via webinar with three top experts!
  • All recordings, video, audio and transcripts.
  • Private discussion group to ensure you get the support you need and have all your video production and video marketing questions answered.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! We are offering a 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee! You’re either 100% satisfied with VIDEO SUCCESS SECRETS or we’ll refund your money in full. So the risk is totally on us. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. Come learn from the experts!

Learn from an Emmy Award® winning Director!

You'll also be able to meet my special guests, video experts Catherine Hedden and David Gumpel of Films About Me who will be with me in the studio and I'll be picking their brains to get the best video production and marketing advice for you. Catherine is a Social Media Marketing expert and Brand Specialist, and her husband David is an Emmy Award® winning Director.

As with all my online courses, this one will be jam-packed with immediately useable tips, resources and action steps you can begin implementing right away and see measurable results..

Register now and get ready to EXPLODE your business with quality video marketing!



P.S. Remember, you have a full SIXTY days to continue evaluating the course content and implementing the teachings. If at any time during the 60-day period, you're not 100% fully satisfied with our online training program, just let us know and we'll return your $99 to you. No questions asked. Sound fair? So there's no risk on your part... register today and get ready to make much more MONEY this year using the power of VIDEO!