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  • Thank you for validating my own sentiments about broadcasting the same thing on multiple platforms. I’ve been saying that for years and felt like I was talking to a wall. Good stuff! Thanks Mari!

  • Ron

    I love how devoted you are to your work… 

  • George McQ.

    If I could afford you, I would hire you fulltime to be on our staff. There are so many small and large business that do NOT understand social media, even after you explain how it works. It’s like PR, unless they see something tangible like an ad in the paper or on TV, it’s hard for them to imagine and want results overnight. Media placement and branding takes time. I like your passion, and I’m suprise Google or FB has hired you already!

  • Thanks for all you do!

  • Thank you Mari. You really help keep the fire under our butts in a smooth way. Love what you do, how you get it out there and please, keep doing your thing!

  • Thanks from Mauritius Mari… 

  • Carolyn Stearns

    Great reminders and  some good strategy in these pages. I appreciate the sharing you do.


    Dear Madam,

    Wish U Happy Networking!!!

    WellNess Consultant,
    Email  :
    FB      : wealthcircle
    Skype : wealthcircle

  • Vitun Sharma

    Thanks Mari for awesome stuff … powerful solutions.

    Greetings from INDIA

  • One more added to the Indian crowd!

    Lucky Balaraman
    Chennai, India

  • Sanjiv Gm

    Thank You Mari for yur continued passion and valuable insights on an ongoing basis

  • Felice

    I did the survey just to be helpful.  Ebook is a nice surprise.  thanks.

  • Luna Earth Event Decor

    Thank you Mari for teaching us new things about social media and the ebook would be helpful to learn what not to make.

    Leeta Song
    Event Planner/Designer
    Luna Earth Event Decor  : info@lunaeartheventdecor:twitter .comFB      : :

  • Louis_teoh

    Mari, I can’t download the report despite trying so many times. Can you help? Thanks 

  • Helped out!  And thanks so much for the ebook!  Love your content! 

  • Really appreciate your practice advice (theory is great but I need to know what to do now). Plus you don’t talk down to small business/entrepreneurs who are working to be successful

  • Aw thank you so much for saying @twitter-16174633:disqus !!

  • Hmmm @d638d277eebaddbb680d976794244d56:disqus  can you please send an email to and we’ll send it as an attachment. Thanks!

  • hehee thanks!!

  • teeeheee – love that!! Thanks a mil!

  • Lol thank you so much @abef6e95a0ab3d76f675079a2ff06360:disqus !!

  • Wow thanks Ron!

  • Lol – so glad to hear that @twitter-92373452:disqus !! High five!!

  • Ehsanes19

    This is what I like most about Social media…Socializing and learning new skills fast!

  • Thank you for the book, it was a nice surprise and is always helpful.

  • Thank you. you always have good information

  • Tal Franck Benmoshe

    genius!!! I have enjoyed answering the survay, was surprised to receive the report – ‘the 12 big social media marketing mistakes’ this is an awsome and lightfull report! 

  • A0000mit2002

    thak u  ur always  good comments

  • Gail P. Eddy

    I help women entrepreneurs understand Social Media so they can grow their business and this is exactly the kind of thing I like to recommend to them.  Thanks Mari for the wonderful information you share!

  • RelevantKatie

    Great report, thanks Mari!

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