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iFrames Apps – The Motherlode List of Custom Apps To Add To Your Page

Facebook stopped allow the creation of FBML pages/apps/tabs after March 11, 2011. Page Admins need to use iFrames to add any custom content and that does require a bit of coding/programming and design knowledge. But, then, so did FBML! :)

What’s exciting about iFrames is you can have your web team design and build custom content based on your current website/blog theme, make the width 520px and drop it into your own iFrame app.

For great tutorials on building your own iFrame custom content, see my buddy Tim Ware‘s blog at

PLUS, check out the following possible solutions for making the switch to iFrames. I’ll add more as I find them.

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FREE iFrame Apps

Static HTML: iframe tabs – super easy to use, one-click install. Easily add more tabs within the main tab. Display content for fans and non-fans (fan-gating). Includes FBML to iFrames converter. Editing is done right on the tab. You do need to create your custom content in an outside WYSIWYG editor, then paste it into the fields otherwise you’ll just get plain text unless you’re a Ninja coder. :) (A WYSIWYG editor right in the app would be awesome! I actually created this content using iwiPage’s editor, then pasted in the source code!) Already close to 7,000 users. Nice! Cost? FREE. Creators: Jason Padvorac & Timothy Mensing. [I created this page using the Static HTML app! I love how the developers have zero ads/branding on your app... at least for now!]

iFrames for Pages by Wildfire - easy to use, nice clean app. Easy to display fan and non-fan content. As with all apps that don’t have a WYSIWYG editor, you need to create your custom content in an outside editor then paste into the blank fields. I’ve been a big fan of Wildfire for some time and am impressed with this app. Check out my review of their new app on my blog here. Cost? FREE (at least for three months, though Wildfire indicate they will grandfather everyone in if they do move to a paid model). [I created my Free Facebook Webinar tab using this app.]

iwiPage – another easy app to use. One click install. Add tabs within the tab. Includes a website builder with support for HTML, WYSIWYG, iFrame, Javascript, Flash and other languages. Easily add your Google Analytics too. Free and pro (paid) version. Fangating is a pro feature. ~540,000 monthly active users. Nice! (With this being such a popular app, you do need to deal with big banner ads on the Admin dashboard). [I created a demo tab for this app and really like it.]

TabSite - I’ve been a longtime fan of TabSite. Their WYSIWYG editor is super easy to use and they incorporate many features that other apps don’t, such as the Like button right on the tab. Easy to add additional tabs within the main tab. Free and paid versions available. [I created my Free Facebook Resources tab using TabSite.]

Hosted iFrame by MonsterApps - similar to the others above, though you do need to click the usual grant permission button (accesses basic info only). Then drop in your own HTML code (or XFBML). Up to 25MB of images and CSS files hosted for you. Track traffic by entering your Google tracking code in the app settings. See the fun live example on the MonsterApps page. This is clearly a very new app, but looks good.


LOW-COST iFrame Apps:

WordPress for Fan Pages – if you’re more savvy with WordPress than a full-blown HTML/website creation software like DreamWeaver, this solution might work for you. Includes 8 templates with menu and comments on/off. Super VA, Andrea Kalli, recommended this app. It’s $17 one-time fee on this forum. Or $37 on their Facebook Page. ;) It does look clean from the video.

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Facebook Page Apps – The Motherlode List (mix of free and fee):

See this blog post for a list of 75 apps to add to your Facebook Page.

For easy-to-use apps that include templates, check out these options:

These sites offer suites of apps, including custom Landing tabs. Some apps are free, some have a fee:


If you’re looking for full hands-on customization service at very affordable rates, I’ve had personal experience with the following service-providers:

See also:

Enterprise-level customization:

BIG list of vendors:

This list was crowd sourced from my Facebook fans!


Helpful Articles and Tutorials on Facebook

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The Best Tools To Simplify Your Social Media Management

  • HootSuite – post to multiple social profiles, includes pre-scheduling ability
  • SocialOomph – post to multiple social profiles, includes pre-scheduling ability
  • TweetDeck – post to multiple social profiles, includes pre-scheduling ability
  • Twellow – easily find your target audience to follow on Twitter
  • See this post by Lee Odden on – 22 Social Media Marketing Management Tools


Recommended Social Media and Technology Blogs To Stay Informed


Mari’s Top Picks for Excellent Facebook Books!


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