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New Relationship Marketing - Mari Smith

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Session #1 Replay

We had a packed session and covered a lot of ground including my proven Four Part Formula for Social Media Success, new relationship marketing skills, Facebook marketing through your personal profile and fan page, and an overview of Google+.

  • Webinar replay – click here (opens in a new window).
  • Audio only, including MP3 download – click here.
  • Slides from the webinar – see below:

Session #2 Replay

We had another packed session and went through five of the nine-step process to significantly growing your business through relationship marketing!

  • Webinar replay – click here (opens in a new window).
  • Audio only, including MP3 download – click here.
  • Slides from the webinar – see below:


You’re welcome to tweet any content from the webinar that you wish. Just append the hashtag #NRMbook to any tweets.


  • Phillip

    Thanking you in advance for your upcoming webinars. Just bought your new book.

  • Annemarie

    Just received my copy through Amazon. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for adding on the webinars, I know they’ll be great.

  • Michele

    Just downloaded my kindle version – can’t wait to read it, and look forward to the workshop!

  • Awesome, thanks a million, Michele! :) 

  • My pleasure – see you soon on the webinars!

  • Way cool, thank you!!

  • Deanne

    Downloaded my kindle version too. Signed up for the workshop. Thanks Mari!

  • Shar Tyler

    Your book is at the top of my list! I’m looking forward to your webinar. Thank you!

  • Leah Laker

    Hi Mari
    I’m looking forward to having this book in my hands to read and use. Please let your fans know that it can be ordered through the Book Depository, if you live outside the US. I just ordered my copy.

  • Deirdre

    Hi Mari, 
    I bought your book last week and I love it!  I treasure how you mix such incredibly good and practical advice with your fun and caring voice.  I know I can navigate these confusing waters with you at my side :-)

  • Araceli Gonzalez

    Registered and purchased. Just wanted to let you know you radiate beauty and transparency- so refreshing!

  • Fabulous book Mari! Love all the great ideas you are sharing – you have outdone yourself with this book!

  • DrCheri

    Mari, you are an amazing soul, generous, creative, and wise! Thank you again for your contribution to the Executive Women Leadership Summit!

  • Claudia Lascano

    Thanks Mari for your continued generosity, your inspirational insights, and creativity!

  • Thank you for your generous spirit, I am grateful to learn from you

  • Anonymous

    You are my hero!

  • Thank you Mari, you rock!

  • Kimberly LoSavio

    I am so looking forward to this. waiting “patiently” for the book to arrive 😉 I’m one who likes hardcopies LOL  You know it will be highlighted and written all over :) Thank you for being so amazing and sharing with us your incredibly magnetic charm and wit! Oh and your knowledge too!

  • Lissa

    Really enjoying the Kindle version of your new book, Mari – and so appreciate (and look forward to) your generous webinar series! I’ll miss you tomorrow, but I’ll catch you on the replay! 

  • I can’t wait to listen to these! I can’t attend in person tomorrow, but I am hoping to attend the rest!

  • Thanks Mari.

  • Thanks Mari, I bought the book a while ago and looking forward to your upcoming webinars, I always learn a few more Social Media nuggets from you.  Cheers!

  • Going to be buying your new book via nook soon.  Thanks for the free bonus!

  • Bonnie Gean

    Thanks Mari!
    I had already ordered your book before reading the email, so this was an awesome surprise! Looking forward to your webinars.

  • Purchasing your book soon! Can’t wait to read it!

  • Anonymous

    Bonnie, you are going to really enjoy Mari’s book. I have read mine and it is on my desk in close reach. :) 

  • Anonymous

    Brandy, I just love getting books on my Nook. Enjoy Mari’s new book.

  • Laurinda

    Looking forward to getting your book soon – I am sure it is filled with so much useful information just like your webinars…

  • Thank you so much!

  • Sweeet – thank heaps, Lissa!

  • heheee I do like hard copies too! 😉 Many thanks for your kind words! xx

  • KMC

    I listened to the webinar, and honestly, with respect, I found it completely ‘light’ and ‘fluffy’ .. the majority of the content is what most would consider common sense, and your formula isn’t really a formula at all. I was expecting greather depth with more tangible take-aways, but most concepts were introduced with a level of vagueness that really rubbed me the wrong way. One can apply the established methods of Keith Ferazzi and just apply them to a social setting. 

    One of your methods really bothered me, and it was the one about adding someone to twitter who messages or adds you. This is not a way to build a relationship Mari. Relationships are built on connection with mutual understanding and benefit. Your modus operandi on that front is to build a greater list. One has to ask where the true value-add is in that method. It’s parallel to when a company automatically adds you to their database and/or email list, once you have sent them a query via email. Not only is this automatic opt-in annoying, it’s runs contrary to how to manage relationships. 

    I heard you speak and Blogworld in Vegas, and most recently in LA, and i think there’s greater benefit for your audience if you demonstrate with greater acuity how to operationalize the principles you often discuss (which again, are common sense). In LA, i left your seminar after 15 mins because you talked for a bit about your accent, where you are from, and such, and you spend a great deal of time with the light fluff that you kinda waste time. I found this pattern was repeated with your webinar. 

    Get to the details, make it resonate, and demonstrate real value where you can measure the results even if intangible. 

  • Thanks, have your book on KindlePC and now on island time… going to get stuck into a winter of training and updating my skills, love it!

  • Sheila

    Mari, just downloaded your book to iPad and looking forward to webinars in January.  Thanks!

  • Mary Meckley

    Can’t wait to read your book!

  • SRS4444

    Ok.  i;m here.  Webinar to start in 7 minutes — but the link is not active!  help!!!!

  • SRS4444

    It’s 2pm NY time (Eastern) and it is Tuesday, Jan 24 –  I guiess this isn’t happening today…

  • 2:01PM here in NY, Link is NOT active!

  • It’s great to have access to Mari’s book and these awesome added resources that she uses to extend the conversation outside of the pages for us.

  • I gave up and called in on the phone line. 

  • SRS4444

    Its 2:10pm – no “live” link – I guess I’ll catch it on the replay

  • SRS4444

    apparently there was a different link emailed –  here it is  — jump on the webinar

  • Rays Noreply2

    Another fantastic webinar. I learned a lot. Your energy and knowledge are breathtaking. Thanks so much for sharing.  Ray Conmey

  • I couldn’t access the webinar today, guess I got the wrong link. Happy to be able to have this replay.
    BTW, I’m almost done the book – tons of great tips. Congrats!

  • Thanks Mari!

  • Thanks Mari for sharing with the group.

  • Carol from Half Moon Bay

    awesome content, as if i could just create the type of graphics and layout that you have, Mari.  Can you do a session on laying out your FB page as a customized page?  And also, I’m a bit stuck on how to create a Welcome page or landing page..that would be a great session too!  THANK YOU

  • Kim

    Thank you for everything. I have learned so much and can not wait to learn even more from you. Thank you for everything.

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