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If you’ve been considering joining Mari Smith’s new Business & Beyond Club (powerful year-long coaching program), but perhaps you’re wondering if it’s the right fit for you, what to expect, who else is in the Club, how much time is involved, etc. then come join us on this FREE no-obligation webinar to have all your questions answered. We’ll review specifics of the Club and then open the lines for Q&A – no holds barred, ask anything you wish about the Club!

LIVE Q&A Webinar
Mari Smith’s Business & Beyond Club

Date: Friday, November 30th
Time: 1-2:00pm Pacific / 4-5:00pm Eastern
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The Business and Beyond Club includes a powerful combination of business building strategies PLUS proven social media marketing methodologies PLUS Mari’s favorite personal and spiritual growth principles and habits woven throughout that have profoundly impacted her life and that she knows will help others. There’s nothing at all like this out there! Mari didn’t want to do “just” a social media club. Or “just” a business building program. She wanted the perfect blend of teachings that will make the biggest difference in members’ lives.

There are only 3 components you’ll need to drive your business to optimum success in 2013:

  1. A solid plan — clear, focused, detailed and pointing you in the right direction
  2. Expert guidance to surpass your own specific goals, tailoring your plan to fit your business model, your own best methods and your personal style
  3. Accountability and follow-through, to make your goals a reality. Because all the planning and strategizing in the world will only get you so far… until you actually use it!

The Business and Beyond Club is designed to help you move forward in all three of those areas. Come join us on this free live webinar and have all your questions answered!

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