How To Make A Redirect Link

Why would you want a redirect link? So it’s not so obvious you’re promoting an affiliate link!!

It’s a personal choice… but does provide you with more options (e.g. promoting through social media without being obvious you’re using an affiliate link).

Here’s what to do:


Open up your web editing softare such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage.

Then, create a New Folder. I like using “recommends” – I have a whole bunch of redirected affiliate links for various programs in there! (Make sure it’s all lowercase as anything after your main domain name is case sensitive).


Create a New Page (blank).

And copy & paste this code into the HTML

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN”>
< html>
< head>
<title>Your Name Recommends :: Cool Product</title>
< script type=”text/javascript”>
< !–
window.location =””
< /head>
< /html>

Change the parts in red to your own Title and, of course, insert your proper affiliate link.


Save the file as a name you’ll easily identify and that is a word, not a code or acronym. e.g. you’ll see I used “coolproduct” in this example.

You could go one step further and create another New Folder called coolproduct and save that as a sub folder under “recommends.” Then save the New Page as index.htm in the sub folder. Then your redirect link won’t have the “.htm” at the end. e.g. like this:


When you’re finished; upload (ftp) the file and folder/subfolder to your web server… and VOILA!!

Want to know another good reason to have a redirect link? Google search engine ranking!!! Because your redirect link is an actual page on your server, you’ll get indexed and can appear in search results on Google! That means people could click on your affiliate link, register, and you’ll get paid!

NOTE: be sure to include a Title – as this is what shows up in a Google listing.



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  • Hi, Mari,
    I was on one of your calls to learn about Facebook and I’ve made a lot of progress. Thanks! I would like to be able to redirect my Facebook page URL but I don’t understand how to do it from this post. Do you have another post that explains it? I want to use the link in my email signature.

  • Danielle Paine

    Hi Mari,

    The code above does not appear to work. I have a little web design backgraound so i’m pretty confident in simply copy/paste and change the text. It appears not to redirect the page but just to take me to the page i created which is blank.

    What else needs to be done to re-direct the page?


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  • Todd Anderson

    thanks for the tip.

    i am using free hosting and was tired of paying for hosting just for fowarding urls


  • Bill

    How to make a PHP page?

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