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Facebook Change ButtonIf the latest rounds of Facebook changes have your head spinning, you’re certainly not alone! With the recent f8 Developer Conference, the changes leading up to – and announced at – this annual event are monumental.

In order to help you better understand the slew of recent changes and better optimize your Facebook experience from both a personal and business standpoint, check out this special free webinar. Just pop your name and email address in the form below to get instant access to the replay video! The slides are posted below as well as on the webinar replay page ; you’ll also be able to download the MP3 audio if you wish.


During this info-packed session, I’ll walk you through the following points:

  • The new Subscribe feature: should you turn it on?
  • Privacy settings you need to know and how to adjust them.
  • The differences between Friend vs. Subscriber and how to edit settings of both.
  • Audience selector change – “Everyone” is now “Public” and what this means.
  • How to manage Smart Lists and Friend Lists.
  • News Feed “Top Stories” vs. “Recent Stories”: how to train Facebook’s algorithms to show you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want!
  • Realtime Ticker: what activities show up here and how to adjust your settings.
  • The impact of the new Ticker and revised News Feed on EdgeRank.
  • Profiles will become Timelines starting in early October onwards – how to edit your new Timeline.
  • New features for fan pages and how to optimize, including Share and the fact non-fans can now interact with your content.
  • From October 1st, custom content on Facebook Pages must have an SSL Certificate: what this means and how to get one.
  • What the Ticker, Timeline, Subscribers and new Open Graph seamless sharing apps mean for your business.
  • Plus, live Q&A.

Scroll above to register for instant access!

  • Desre

    As it will be 4am here (Brisbane Australia) and I have a social life :-) I am unlikely to watch this live. If I want to get the free replay, do I need to register now?

  • Paula Ling Sanning

    Very interested in your presentation but unable to attend on Friday.  I, too, want to know if I need to register in order to view the free replay.

  • Fiona

    I’m also in Australia, and would like to watch the replay. Do I need to register?

  • Erika

    I’am looking forward to learn  more about the the New Facebook Changes

  • Jmswatzell

    I love the way you share information and give us an opportunity to learn to succeed.  Founder, Phreak, Grandma

  • Scobiegal

    How would I get the recorded session. I do not have a web cam.

  • Dodo

    Or we could just give up facebook.  We should not have to take a “webinar” to continue doing something we may have mildly enjoyed for the past couple years.  I don’t want to work that hard.

  • can you just tell us when your replay version would be coming out. i would like to participate but time constraint forbid us to do so.

  • Sue

    Hi, I`m in South Africa and technophobic, I really need help- busy doing all the twittering, + blogging and face B thing, its making me nuts- how can I hook up – thanks  Sue Christie

  • Mel

    Hi Marie!
    Always love your webinars and look forward to it; even if it is at 2am here in Perth!!…….Mel

  • Lauren McMullen

    Thanks Mari, I have registered and am looking forward to it! Facebook can be a entire life’s study by itself so I am thrilled to have you as a resource!

  • Cheryl

    Trying to register but there is no field available?  Please check

  • Candace
  • Jeannie

    Please post when the replay will be…I have satellite internet and a webinar is next to impossible.  I would end up missing half of it due to the large capacity and heaven forbid it there is bad weather in some remote part of the world….no signal!  I need to be able to view it when I can get into civilization and use ‘real’ internet.  LOL

  • Barbara

    I will not be able to view the webinair as my internet service is not fast enough.  can you tell me about the replay.   registered my nam and email and guess i should not have.  please delete my name.  

  • Sharon

    Hi Mari,  I would love to be part of the webinar but being from Darwin Australia.  I can only see it at 3am or 5am.  Can I watch at any other time

  • Sharon

    Hi Mari,  I would love to be part of the webinar but being from Darwin Australia.  I can only see it at 3am or 5am.  Can I watch at any other time

  • Monica

    Candace, I tried that link and it just gave an option to sign up for a free report.  Does that now register me ?

  • Grateful for your sharing Mari. Thanks so much!!

  • Judy C.

    I agree with the folks that want a replay. My schedule is busy and it’s hard to make a webnar, but easier to replay it at another time

  • Robin

    I will not be able to attend becuase of my slow computer. Will the replay be available soon after?

  • Hi Robin! Yes, for sure! I’ll email out the replay link shortly after the live session.

  • As mentioned on the page, the session IS being recorded!!! :) I’ll email out the replay link shortly after the live session.

  • Absolutely – I’m recording the session and will email out the replay link shortly after the live session.

  • No problem Barbara — I will email you the link to the recording shortly after the live session. 

  • Lol, I understand. The replay link will be emailed out shortly after the live session to all those who register. 

  • Hi Cheryl and Monica — hmmm, I know I’m using a piece of Javascript code for the opt in form. Maybe it doesn’t show up properly in some browsers. Any chance you can try a different browser?

  • Hehee, you’re a trooper!!

  • Hey Sue — just sign up and come back to the Green Room page to join us live Or, wait for the email afterwards with the replay link!!

  • I understand. No problem. So long as you’re registered, I’ll email you the link to the replay!

  • Phew, no kidding, Lauren!! Thanks heaps! xxx

  • You don’t need a webcam! :) Just wait for the email I’ll send out assuming you registered above!

  • Hi Desre and Fiona!! Please do register and I’ll email you the link to the recording shortly after the live session!! :) 

  • Misty

    I am traveling and not using my own computer.  For some reason I was not able to register.  Could you possible just send my the link to the replay?

  • Diane McGee

    Hi Mari, I would like to be on this webinar.
    Diame McGee admin@wingsandheros.com

  • Arrrgh! I just found out about this and I will not be able to join. Will it be archived somewhere online to watch later?

  • Arrrgh! I just found out about this and I will not be able to join. Will it be archived somewhere online to watch later?

  • You betcha, Chris — I’ll be emailing out a replay link shortly after the live session. :) 

  • Sure thing, Diane!! I edited your comment so your email address wasn’t exposed. We’ve signed you up! :) 

  • David

    Good day Mari! This is my first webinar! I cannot think of a better person to inform me of the new changes to facebook. I have tweeted the webinar to my friends. Can’t wait!

  • Sooooo looking forward to it, @MariSmith:disqus !  Thanks for helping!!!!!!  Much needed.  :)  #fbwebinar

  • Cindy

    Hi is it too late to register for the email link. would love all this new stuff to be explained in simple terms :)

  • Barbie

    Terrific!…..I am also unable to be available today.  Thank you!

  • Marty

    Just found out about this and can not participate will it be offered again

  • Marilyn Primero

    Lost my place….can’t log on now!

  • Mike Lyles

    I registered and attempted log in only to be informed that the session was full.  Looking forward to the link for the replay.

  • Belindacook54

    Will you offer this again…..Heard about it too late to join..

  • disappointed

    I joined at 1:45, but was disconnected after trying to do Tweet Mari suggested we do. Couldn’t re-connect. VERY disappointing! Than tried to access w/ Skype (have never done) but after setting up Skype acct. no answer on your phone line.

  • Where can I get the replay?  Tried to join, but must have been too late.

  • Tinareedjohnson

    Slides here! http://www.slideshare.net/marismith/facebook-changes-a-complete-guide-by-mari-smith

  • Gael

    Anyone here?

  • Hey Kirsten — replay link sent out by email. So sorry for any connection problems today!

  • Hi there — I just emailed the replay link earlier. We maxed out quickly at 1,000 attendees!

  • Hi Mike – many thanks for your patience! The replay link was emailed shortly after the live session. Any questions, please contact me or my team anytime. 

  • You’re the best – thanks, David!

  • Hi Misty — the replay was emailed earlier today to everyone. Let me know if it didn’t come through: mari @ marismith.com

  • Roarevents

    I registered and received an email, but there was no link included to get to the mp3.  What is the best way to get it?

  • Kirsten E Gilbert

    couldn’t connect…. can we get a replay?

  • Uhoh — can you email my assistant please? lori @ marismith.com. She’ll send you the information you need. 

  • Soooooo sorry, Marilyn — I don’t know what happened at the beginning with the system bumping people off who had been on 20-30 minutes early. My apologies. And I hope you got the email with the replay? If not, please message my assistant lori @ marismith.com

  • I won’t be leading the exact same webinar again; however, please do register above for the replay as I’ll send you updates for the next time I’m doing a free public webinar! :) Also, do check out http://innercirclewithmari.com for the best way to stay up to date!

  • Turnerl

    Logged in and listened to the webinar – do you know when the changes will take place in the UK?

  • Linda

    Great webinar – will the interface be the same in all countries?

  • Very nice, thanks!

    I hope the timeline comes soon, because it’s long past due. :/

    I’ve put together a new website with Hundreds of Free Facebook Profile Covers:

    Feel free to use them on your Timeline. :)
    -Andrew Davis

  • Awesome Webinar Mari, thanks a lot.

  • swarfega

    For the whole of today I’ve only been seeing friend’s feeds and non from companies or fan pages that I have liked. Has something been changed in the past couple of days?

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