Extreme Fanbase Growth: 25 Facebook Marketing Tactics Designed to Explode Your Business – NEW course with @MariSmith

Extreme Fanbase Growth v2.0: 25 Facebook Marketing Tactics Designed to Explode Your Business!

Facebook has gone through massive changes in the last 18 months. The company went public in February 2012, and has moved to a significantly “pay to play” model.

And, it’s become increasingly more and more difficult for small- to medium- sized business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals to really master their Facebook marketing efforts such that they yield consistent, measurable results.

Just when you think you’ve gotten the hang of one feature, Facebook either changes that feature entirely… or introduces a brand new feature. It can all get very confusing and frustrating.

Here’s the thing, it’s been exactly 18 months since I unveiled my signature Facebook marketing course, “EXTREME FANBASE COURSE” (January 2012). And, although some content is still relevant, much of it is actually obsolete now.

In fact, I presented the entire first version of the course prior to the Timeline format rolling out to fan pages. Wow, feels so long ago now, right?

Well, I have really good news for you! Due to popular demand, I’m super excited to release the ALL-NEW version of my signature course – and I’m ready to rock your world!

This time, I’ve DOUBLED the time you get with each module. However, I’ve kept the January 2012 price point in place — how awesome is that?! ;)

Are you ready to explode your business using Facebook?

Whether you have a large team or you’re a solopreneur, your success hinges on staying ahead of the curve. I’d love to help you fully leverage Facebook for business using proven methods.

It’s not difficult.  But it’s not something you can pick up on by watching from the sidelines, either.

You see, you can’t simply muddle along, posting the same old updates and just sharing anything on Facebook without properly tying your activity to a solid business strategy. That is, if you want to be taken seriously by your peers and your market.

That’s why I’m thrilled to share my latest and most innovative approaches to social commerce in a powerful new landmark Facebook course called EXTREME FANBASE GROWTH 2.0™ – 25 Facebook Marketing Tactics Designed To Explode Your Business.


Created from the very latest proven, effective Facebook strategies, tips and tactics, this course has been designed from the ground up to help you grow a truly AUTHENTIC following — faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Extreme Fanbase Growth v2.0 -- new Facebook Marketing Course with Mari SmithWhen you view the eight EXTREME FANBASE GROWTH 2.0™ on-demand sessions , you’ll discover everything you need to know to add thousands of GENUINE fans in 30 days or less. Yes, that’s right – I will lead you by the hand and show you exactly how to get this result.

This groundbreaking course makes it so simple that even a complete beginner can learn – yet the course also includes plenty of advanced techniques for those wanting to generate leads, sales, and a positive return on your social media investment of time and resources.

In fact, the insider information I’ve poured into this course is “required knowledge” that’s absolutely critical to your success on Facebook. But like the swift current of change rushing towards us with social commerce right now, it won’t sit still for long.

It’s time for you to rake it in. Starting now.

The best part is, you don’t have to wait long to get going. EXTREME FANBASE GROWTH 2.0™ is an 8-part online course delivered via webinars with me as your expert guide! It’s like you and me sitting down in my office, and you’re looking over my shoulder as I show you the EXACT, step-by-step, systematic approach I use in my own business every day to achieve outrageous success using Facebook!

I will take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step the exact process for making SERIOUS money using every possible low and no-cost Facebook marketing method!

Sometimes I think it’s my irresistibly Scottish frugal nature that has me digging deep to find and test all the best organic (read: free!) ways to reach the right target audience! And then, togently guide these folks to become super hot leads, and naturally convert them into happy, paying customers. I’m excited to share with you these strategies and tactics – there are 25 of them to be exact. In fact, you’ll learn WAY more than 25 tactics because within each module, you’ll find plenty of meta tips and tricks, too!

What’s included:

This course consists of 8 modules delivered via on-demand videos. You have unlimited access to all materials for at least one year.

PLUS, you get join the very active private Facebook Group where you can have your your questions answered. That way, the questions and answers are archived in our Group and can easily be searched when you need them.

The course is available NOW with instant access.

Save over 50% for a limited time!

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Module descriptions:

Here’s what you get with each content-rich session of EXTREME FANBASE GROWTH 2.0™  – 25 Facebook Marketing Tactics Designed To Explode Your Business

Craft Your Essential Facebook Marketing Strategy

  • Using Mari’s step-by-step Facebook success formula checklist, you’ll use this critical document as the foundation for the entire course
  • The Big Myth about thousands of Facebook fans, revealed!
  • Simple methods to calculate your REAL reach and influence on Facebook
  • How to increase your page’s WOW factor for MORE shares
  • Exactly how and why you must create the right “fan page culture” and what can happen if you get this piece wrong

Create A Compelling Design To Make Your Page and Posts POP!

  • Do’s and Dont’s of the best cover image designs, plus little-known secrets for getting more leads from your cover image!
  • Sources for the best royalty-free images (plus what you need to know about trademarks, copyright and intellectual property laws)
  • How to make sure your images are optimized for the best visibility on desktop and mobile
  • Do landing tabs (and “Like-gating”) still work to convert visitors into fans?

Post Magnetic Content That Gets Results

  • Mari’s secret sources for finding the BEST content daily – no matter what industry or niche you are in!
  • The essentials of creating high-value content Facebook fans LOVE that spreads like wildfire (Get this piece right and you’ll see a sudden EXPLOSION of activity on your fan page!)
  • Exactly what type, length, style, frequency and time of day and week you need to post content for the ultimate edge over your competition
  • Proven ways to gather a massive audience quickly and how to naturally guide the right people to become paying customers
  • Cool content ideas to differentiate between your personal profile and fan page that get massive viral visibility and leave your audience hungry for the next nugget! (You need to take a different approach to sharing content on your Timeline vs. Fan Page or you could get unfriended… fast)

Put Your Fanbase Expansion into Overdrive

  • Using the power of email marketing in conjunction with your Facebook marketing – Mari will reveal the magic code that very few businesses have cracked!
  • Ideas to tap into the brand new Facebook page email messaging system (this one is HOT!)
  • Critical settings you must uncover to fully optimize your personal profile
  • 7 reasons to enable your Follow button
  • 3 simple ways to control your privacy while still maximizing your Facebook presence
  • Integrating other social channels for maximum impact
  • How to create viral, Facebook-approved Contests that bring you a flood of fans

Build An Incredibly Loyal Community

  • Jaw-dropping facts and stats on what brands are doing right and what they’re getting incredibly wrong when it comes to fan interactions
  • Why you absolutely must have a daily engagement strategy
  • How to train passionate community managers (and superfans!) to spark conversation
  • Proven ways to establish yourself as THE top go-to expert in your field… through the power of your fans and their friends

Tap Into The Power of Facebook Ads

  • How to hyper-target your audience with high-performing Facebook ads
  • The power of Facebook’s Power Editor — how to build your own “Custom and Lookalike Audiences” for eXtreme results!
  • Insider secrets of getting your ads approved quickly
  • How to make ads work for you and keep within your budget
  • Proven ways to split-test your ads and instantly see your stats skyrocket
  • FBX (Facebook Exchange) – understand this piece and it’ll be your new secret weapon!

Build Facebook Buzz On Your Website

  • Exactly which buttons, widgets, and plugins to add to your website, blog, sales pages and more for extreme “viral visibility”
  • Quick-and-easy Facebook plug-ins to instantly boost your fanbase
  • Specialized third-party plug-ins and popups that help widen your reach even further (without annoying the heck out of your site visitors!)
  • How to add interactive features in and outside Facebook
  • Examples of websites and web pages that have tapped in and fully optimized “social”

Boost Your Reach with Video, Mobile, Print & Offline

  • The secret power of Facebook videos and creative ways to “think outside the box!”
  • Super-easy ways to attract fans (and signups!) with mobile and SMS messaging
  • Clever local marketing techniques hardly anyone is fully optimizing – and how you can get a leg up on the competition with these tips alone!
  • Proven ways to drive a steady stream of new raving fans from sources you’ve been overlooking
  • Print media essentials for Facebook users (includes HOT ideas for direct mail!)
  • Attract more fans with creative, attention-grabbing social ideas in your store or business (oh-so-clever ideas for your restaurant, library, coffee shop, service business and more!)
  • Savvy ideas to integrate your offline marketing with your Facebook marketing

Deep Dive Into Facebook Ads and Power Editor

  • How to upload your own email list to create Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike Audiences – what are they, how do you create them, and what are they best used for?
  • Partner Categories – discover this extremely powerful hidden gem that most all your competitors probably don’t even know about!
  • Conversion Tracking – get much, much better results with this accurate metric; learn how and where to set it up
  • FBX, Facebook Exchange – have you ever visited a website, looked at an item, and then that same item follows you all over Facebook? Learn how to use this remarketing feature to your advantage
  • Crafting your ads for maximum conversion
  • How to split-test ads


Sign up today – you get instant access!

Get ready to EXPLODE your business using proven Facebook marketing methods!

I’ve made the EXTREME FANBASE GROWTH 2.0™ online course as affordable as possible for as many people around the world as possible. To make it easier on your wallet, I’ve kept the pricing the same as the first version of the course from 18 months ago. And, the brand new 2.0 version is ALL-NEW content, with twice as much hands-on time with me!

The regular price for this course is $497  However, your price today: just $247 (Or, to make it even easier on your cashflow, you can choose two payments of $125. Select this option on the shopping cart page. First payment today and second payment isn’t for another 30 days)

Save over 50% for a limited time!

Regular price = $497. Your price today = $247

(or two payments of $125)

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Special Bonuses when you sign up today!

1. Facebook Marketing Strategy Blueprint

This comprehensive document will help you to effortlessly plan out your Facebook success. Following Mari’s “Seven-Strategy” system, you’ll be set up for the rest of 2013 and beyond to create consistent, measurable results with your Facebook marketing. Mari will walk you through the exact process of how to fill out this checklist and how to use it on a regular basis to rise above the noise, stay way ahead of the competition and generate new business!

2. Facebook Ads Power Editor Checklist

If you have yet to try Facebook’s Power Editor for Ads, or just barely dabbled with it, you’ll find this checklist absolute GOLD! Learning how to get the best from your advertising dollars can be really tricky. Use Mari’s Checklist to discover how to tap into the true power of this secret weapon on Facebook and you’ll be creating power ads with laser-targeted audiences in no time… and watching your likes, clickthroughs, signups, sales and more climb!

3. Content and Promotional Combo Calendar

When you build up sufficient “social equity,” it’s perfectly acceptable to promote your offers and invitations to do business with you. Using this simple combo guide for merging the planning of your social media posts with your promotional offers, you’ll be able to derive much more effective and predictable results throughout the year.

4. Social Media Marketing – Launch Plan

This extremely popular spreadsheet is the very same one Mari and her team use on a regular basis in-house and for clients. You’ll see at-a-glance how to easily plot out exactly what steps you need to take and when anytime you are launching something new… whether an event, product, service, free webinar, you name it. We’ve covered the full gamut of promotions you may need to consider here.

5. Facebook Fan Page Moderation & Scalability Checklist

One of the main reasons fan pages get stuck and plateau is insufficient activity and slow response times. Visitors come to your fan page, but it’s like a ghost town! Over the past several years, I’ve spent vast amounts of my own personal time managing my fan page to 100,000 fans today. However, there comes a point in time where it is not humanly possible to manage your own fan page … and then, how do you delegate to someone else and be confident they’ll do a good job and represent you well? I finally figured out the answers, using a fantastic system I’ve developed that has skyrocketed my fan page growth and engagement rate in the past year and a half.


100% Satisfaction GuaranteedEXTREME FANBASE GROWTH 2.0™ is packed with the latest and the best information I have to offer for your success with Facebook today. And I want you to be absolutely thrilled with the strategies you’ll discover in this course. But you be the judge…

You can sign up today and attend the entire course totally RISK-FREE. If, after completing all 8 sessions and applying my teachings from each lesson, you don’t feel fully satisfied, or you didn’t get massive value and see real results (an increase in your visibility, fanbase, engagement rates, conversions, etc.), simply contact my team and we’ll happily refund your money in full. You have my promise.

Register now!

I want to make this online course as affordable as possible for as many people around the world as possible. First, to make it easier on your wallet, I decided to keep the same pricing as the first version of the course from 18 months ago!

The regular price for this course is $497  However, your price today: just $247 (Or, to make it even easier on your cashflow, you can choose two payments of $125. Select this option on the shopping cart page. First payment today and second payment isn’t for another 30 days)
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Save over 50% for a limited time!

Regular price = $497. Your price today = $247

(or two payments of $125)

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I look forward to supporting your Facebook marketing mastery!

With 8 content-packed sessions, you’ll go from where you are now to a total rock star on Facebook at a pace you set for yourself…you’ll make it happen. Even better, you’ll be prepared to change your Facebook fortunes for the whole of 2013 and beyond.

Are you ready to get started adding thousands of new, GENUINE fans to your Fanbase… and make huge strides to real, measurable returns with Facebook marketing for your business?

Then choose your preferred risk-free payment option above, and I’ll see you very soon inside the EXTREME FANBASE GROWTH 2.0™ online course.



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