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FREE Online Mega Event

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 1pm-4pm EST

Your 2013 success starts in…


Go Beyond Social Proof to Bottom-Line Business Profits

Get Your Business and Social Media on Track for 2013!

Your competition isn't your biggest business worry anymore. At this point in the year… it's TIME.

The trouble is, most business owners, executives and entrepreneurs find themselves with too much "to-do list" left over at the end of the year … and not enough incoming cashflow to show for it. More importantly, putting your focus on the best profit-making ideas is your TOP priority, especially right now. There's no time to waste on half-baked ideas and last year's half-finished strategies.

That's why I'm excited to be doing something quite different for you this month, to make sure you finish off this year just right — and start 2013 with a BIG bang.

Join me for the most powerful online event you'll attend this year…

It's my groundbreaking, half-day LIVE streaming event called Crunch Time on Tuesday, October 23rd. I've created this unique online event to give you an in-depth look at real-world business training that you won't find anywhere else. As you read this, I'm thrilled to see how well everything's coming together — just in time for you to spark a REAL surge in bottom-line profits while the season still has some life left in it.

FREE Live online MEGA event with Mari Smith!

Business success coaching + proven social media marketing methods.

When? Tuesday, October 23, 2012 10am-1pm Pacific / 1-4pm Eastern (other times here)

Where? Online! (This is a live streaming webcast; participate anywhere in the world from your computer; we'll be broadcasting from a live studio audience in San Diego, California!)

Cost? FREE!

YOU COULD WIN! — Register today to be an online participant of this exciting CRUNCH TIME event … and your name will go into a prize drawing to WIN a free seat in the LIVE studio audience on October 23rd, and I'll pay for your flight!!! (Winner receives a flight and transportation voucher of up to $500. No cash value. Does not include accommodation in San Diego.)

I could easily charge $300-500 for an event like this with so much valuable content. However, it's my gift to you – totally free! No strings attached! Just show up and get ready to completely immerse yourself in a full-on game plan to monetize the rest of 2012 and well into 2013 like never before!

Here's what you'll get at this FREE online event – streaming live around the world from our studios in San Diego…

  • Why building up your website or blog is a waste of time … unless you include these critical business components with your online strategy
  • The essential parts of a customer-generating marketing funnel for your business, online AND offline (miss just one of these, and your visitor traffic goes to waste — along with your ad budget)
  • The social media strategies that are NOT working anymore, if they ever did (but people still think they do…)
  • Proven success steps to take you from "social media" to "social proof" to "social profits" (Go beyond the time-wasters to generate serious business results, faster than you ever imagined)
  • LIVE business hot seats, with actual business owners selected from our studio audience
  • FREE signed book giveaways every hour…
  • PLUS, plenty of time for real-time, live Q&A via your tweets and Facebook posts…

In this unique, power-packed 3-hour event, we'll cover EVERYTHING… the whole enchilada.

Because as you and I both know, you have to look at your business and marketing plan holistically. You can't simply isolate social media as a stand-alone 'promotional activity' and put all your efforts there… and then expect the profits to magically appear.

You know it takes a complete, well-planned "whole-business approach" to enjoy consistent, whole-business profits in today's world.

And that's exactly what I'm going to give you

Face it, we're nearing the end of the busiest retail season of the year. This is the last chance for you and I to make this the bottom-line-busting year you promised yourself at the start of 2012. So with my Crunch Time webinar event, I'm pulling out all the stops to show you EVERYTHING that goes into a thriving business in these times.

The best part is, we'll be broadcasting all over the world from a TV studio in San Diego, with everything happening in front of a LIVE studio audience. And YOU are invited to participate in this event via online streaming access for FREE!

You'll be able to tune in from your home or office computer via Livestream, and join the conversation or ask questions in real time. Plus, as part of the LIVE business hot-seats where I pull apart what's working and what's not for REAL businesses drawn from our studio audience, you can WIN the chance to have your business included as one of the critiques!!

Let me put it this way…

Just like you, I run a REAL business, with structures and strategies, systems and suppliers… plus a dedicated team of skilled professionals and sub-contractors who add their expertise to the mix, ensuring we're profitable month after month after month. When you join us for this one-time-only event, I'll be pulling back the curtain on exactly what you need to have in place, if you want to enjoy the same kind of successes with your business… and more.

I'll also be unveiling my brand new, exclusive year-long business coaching club – something I'm extremely excited about and that my clients and students have been begging me to offer for a long time! I can hardly wait to share details with you. There's absolutely nothing like this on the market today … and there's a HUGE need for a go-to source of reliable coaching in both business success strategies and effective social media marketing methods.

In fact, I've invested multiple six figures myself this year to work with a high-end business coach and I'm going to share with you some golden nuggets that I've learned from her this year during our CRUNCH TIME online event on October 23rd … and it won't cost you a penny!

If you're in the business of making money, then you'd better not make any excuses not to join me, and let me help you through your own Crunch Time business planning.



P.S. - I'm absolutely committed to making sure you get what your business needs with this 3-hour mega online event. Remember, everyone who registers is eligible to WIN the chance to join us LIVE in San Diego… and be right there with me in our studio audience! That's right, I'm going to draw ONE lucky winner's name from everyone who registers on or by Friday, October 19th and that person will get a free seat in our live studio audience, PLUS I'll pay for your flight!

So go ahead and take a few seconds now to enter your name and email … then watch your Inbox to find out what's next!

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