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Why Newsletters Are The Future Of Online Media: The Social Scoop Issue 130

The Social Scoop #130 - Facebook Link

Hello world! Every week, for the past two-and-a-half years, I’ve published an email newsletter – called THE SOCIAL SCOOP.  I include my top selections of “OPC” – that is, I curate other people’s content on social media marketing, business building, productivity and other related subjects, along with my own words of wisdom! I have my own favorite small selection of regular email newsletters, several of them daily, that I actually look forward to and always open!

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The Relationship Age – New Collaborative Book Out Today!


Relationship marketing has been around since the dawning of (wo)man. So long as we’ve been able to communicate with our fellow beings, we’ve been able to do commerce. With the incredible boom of online social networking sites – particularly Facebook and Twitter – what we’re seeing now is a massive paradigm shift in the way we communicate and do business around the globe. Yes, it’s important, “Who you know.” But now, with our attention-based culture

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My New Email Autoresponse: Inspired by Tim Ferriss & Gary Vee

Whether you’ve read Timothy Ferriss’ Four Hour Workweek or not, I’m sure you’re familiar with “vacation responders.” Essentially, whenever someone emails you, your email program automatically triggers a canned response to that person. In his book, one of the many lifehacks Tim Ferriss describes is dramatically decreasing the amount of time you spend reading/responding to email. Tim suggests limiting email checking to two times per day and setting up an autoresponse message such as the

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